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Ashida Mana receives her very own day from Kagome

January 29, 2012 @ 5:16 pm
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On January 28th, popular child actress Ashida Mana (7) attended a promotional event for Kagome’s establishment of “Aisai (=Mana) Day” (set for January 31st).  Kagome is a Japanese manufacturer and distributor of tomato-based foods as well as fruit and vegetable juices.

Wearing an all-white dress and a vegetable-themed hat, necklace, and ring , she explained her thoughts on the creation of this day.  She said, “It’s like having a second birthday, I am really happy about it,” thus displaying her happiness to have a day with the same characters of her name.

When she was asked what her favorite vegetable was, she admitted that she loved cucumbers the best. One of the reporters also asked her what she eats it with and Ashida responded, “Of course I love it as a salad with dressing and as pickles as well.  I also like morokyu (miso dipped cucumbers)!”  The audience was delighted with her detailed descroption of her favrotie cucumber dishes.

Source & Image: Daily Sports


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