Maeda Atsuko becomes "Jaiko" for Toyota's 'Doraemon' CM

January 26, 2012 @ 12:40 pm
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AKB48's Maeda Atsuko has been chosen to portray the ''Doraemon' character "Jaiko" for Toyota's upcoming CM!

As previously reported, this CM series leaps 20 years into the future, with the Doraemon characters being played by a crew of talented actors. Frenchman Jean Reno will play as "Doraemon"; other cast members include Tsumabuki Satoshi (as "Nobita"), Mizukawa Asami (as "Shizuka-chan"), Yamashita Tomohisa (as "Suneo"), and Ogawa Naoya (as "Gian").

Maeda will appear as the 28-year-old "Jaiko", who now dreams of becoming a manga artist. She's scheduled to pop up in the 4th CM of the series called "Nobita no Moshimo na Sekai".

The idol, who confessed that she's a fan of the CMs, commented, "I've never expected that I would be able to become a member of the 'Doraemon' family. I tried my best to look like 'Jaiko-chan' ."  When asked about co-starring with Jean Reno for the first time, Maeda answered with a smile, "I can brag about it for the rest of my life.  I am so very happy."

She continued, "Gradually, he started looking more and more like 'Doraemon.' He even had a tail on, and it was very cute."

The new CM will begin airing on January 27th.

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Source & Image: Oricon


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