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34-minute version drama adaptation of AKB48's single, "GIVE ME FIVE!" revealed

February 14, 2012 @ 2:45 am
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Popular idol group AKB48 has now revealed their 34-minute drama adaptation of their upcoming single "GIVE ME FIVE!", which is scheduled for release on February 15th).

Directed by Sugita Shigemichi, this particular drama format music video follows the story of four girls, Ogata Atsuko (Maeda Atsuko), a girl whose parents are divorced, and works hard at a ramen shop for her alcoholic father; Kobayashi Yuki (Kashiwagi Yuki), who suffers from the trauma of being bullied in the past; Ichikawa Minami (Takahashi Minami), a girl who’s quick with her hands but never sticks to anything very long; and Osawa Yuko (Oshima Yuko), a determined girl who lies about her age and works at a brothel in order to pay off her parents’ debt.

Check out the 34-minute version of this single below!


Give Me Five (Full Version) Eng Sub from Acchan48 on Vimeo.


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