First teaser predicts the return of 'Sadako' in "Sadako 3D"

February 9, 2012 @ 7:16 pm
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Kadokawa Pictures released their first 40-second teaser for the upcoming return of the iconic horror film figure, 'Sadako', from the popular 'Ring' series.

In 'Sadako 3D', Ishihara Satomi plays a teacher at a girls' high school. At the school, a rumor about a video clip in which a man commits suicide is spreading among the students and teachers. Furthermore, it's rumored that you will commit suicide after watching the said clip. A similar mysterious death soon reaches the class of the female teacher. The police handles the cases as suicides, although ever single one of them seems to have watched the rumored clip right before their supposed suicide.

It appears that the distribution of the video clip and the related resurrection of Sadako is the doing of one mysterious man (Yamamoto Yusuke), who has quite a following on the web. Details on how he found out about Sadako’s existence and why he’s trying to revive her remain mum for now.

Moreover, Seto Koji will appear as the teacher's boyfriend (a web designer).

The rest of the cast features Takahashi Tsutomu, Sometani Shota, Takara Hikari, and Tayama Ryosei.

You can check out the short teaser below, but we cannot guarantee that it's free of curses.


Source: Yahoo-Kadokawa

Thanks to Mimmie for the tip!


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