Hey! Say! JUMP member Okamoto Keito gets admitted into Sophia University

February 19, 2012 @ 6:09 am
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On February 18th, reports revealed that Hey! Say! JUMP member Okamoto Keito (18) has been accepted into the Faculty of Liberal Arts at Sophia University, one of the top-rated international universities in Japan. Okamoto took the TOEFL exam, which evaluates the level of an individual's English, and wrote an English essay.

According to officials, the exam results were posted at the end of January. His father, actor Okamoto Kenichi (42), and the family dog crowded around the computer when the notification of acceptance was posted on the university's homepage. Okamoto Sr. was said to be jubilant over his son's acceptance, especially since he took care of Okamoto as a single parent.

For Keito, Sophia University was his first choice because “the school allows English as the first language to learn with – an option not readily available in Japan.” He also revealed, “I want to study English and I also have an interest in International Business as well.

Sophia University is known for their hard admittance rate, so Okamoto had to constantly study behind-the-scenes during his concerts and other entertainment activities. Reportedly, he always had a reference book in his hands. When the concerts overlapped with his examination date, Okamoto's fellow members and staff understood his situation and allowed him to miss the concert.

Aside from Okamoto, other Hey! Say! JUMP members currently attending university are Inoo Kei (21, Meiji University) and Yabu Kota (22, Waseda University).


Source: Nikkan Sports

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