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Kuroki Meisa cancels her new album release event and music program appearances

February 13, 2012 @ 6:13 am
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Actress Kuroki Meisa (23), who recently married former KAT-TUN member Akanishi Jin (27), has cancelled her scheduled appearances on television programs and special events.

Fans were disappointed to learn that the 'MEISA SPECIAL PARTY 'UNLOCKED' release event was called off due to Kuroki's "physical condition". The event was arranged for those who had purchased her upcoming second album,  'UNLOCKED'.

Kuroki Meisa's official homepage explained that they cancelled the event due to her "physical condition and in consideration of  various circumstances”. They also stated, “We are truly sorry for this sudden development right before the release date but we have concluded to cancel the release event for the new album at this point in time.” The staff concluded with an apology to her fans. Interestingly, the statement contains no mention of her rumored pregnancy.

Additionally, the staff have also revealed that Kuroki's live appearances on several music programs such as TBS’s “Coming Soon!!” have also been cancelled due to her condition.

Stay tuned to tokyohive for more updates.

Source: Sanspo + Kuroki Meisa official site


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