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Suda Masaki holds his 1st fan event

February 5, 2012 @ 11:10 pm
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On January 5th, actor Suda Masaki (18) held his very first fan event 'DASU LAND'.

The fan event started with an agile dance performance by Suda.  He then enraptured the 360 fans in attendance by revealing his secret photos and a talk session.  There was also a segment where a surprise video message from Suda's elementary school teacher from was shown.  The video made Suda shed tears and gave the fans a glimpse of his natural face.

He commented, "It was a great day that I was able to meet the fans, and share some time with them."

One of the highlights at the event was the "Valentine present lottery".  One lucky fan from the day-time event and another fan from night-time event was chosen by lottery to attend a 2-hour date with Suda.

About his date plan, Suda commented, "I want to enjoy this date since it's quite rare to communicate one-to-one with the fans. I have no plan for the date at this moment, but I want to decide it while considering the person's ideal plan."  He continued, "I would like to communicate with them while enjoying winter sports."  He also revealed that he was not good at riding roller coasters.

'DASU LAND' seemed to have been a fun-filled event with the fans.  We're sure Suda fans will have many more events to look forward to.

Source & Image: Oricon


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