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Details on "Ao no Exorcist" stage play adaptation revealed

March 2, 2012 @ 12:47 pm
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As tokyohive reported previously, Kato Kazue's manga "Ao no Exorcist" will get a stage play adaptation, and today, the details on the stage play including the cast members have been revealed.

The title for the stage play will be "LIVE ACT 'Ao no Exorcist' ~Majin no Rakuin~", and the protagonist "Okumura Rin" will be played by Kimura Ryo while Totani Kimito will play "Okumura Yukio", the younger twin brother of Rin.  The stage will be directed and scripted by Owada Satoshi who is known as the director for the stage play adaptation of "Inazuma Eleven" or "Nintama Rantaro."

Other cast members are...

Kimura Ryo as "Okumura Rin"
Totani Kimito as "Okumura Yukio"
Nakajima Airi as "Moriyama Shiemi"
Tomotsune Yuuki as "Suguro Ryuji"
Watanabe Kazuki as "Shima Renzo"
Maruyama Shun as "Miwa Konekomaru"
Hachimine Anna as "Kamiki Izumo"
Sashide Mizuki as "Paku Noriko"
Tamaki Yuki as "Amaimon"
Nakahara Yuya as "Igor Neuhaus"
Nagata Akira (RUN&GUN) as "Mephisto Pheles"
Imai Yasuhiko as "Fujimoto Shiro"

"LIVE ACT 'Ao no Exorcist' ~Majin no Rakuin~" will be open at the Nihon Seinenkan starting on May 11th ~ 17th (total 9 stages).
Source & Image: natalie


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