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Nagasawa Masami talks about her image, legs, and attraction towards Moriyama Mirai

March 26, 2012 @ 12:13 pm
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On March 24th, actress Nagasawa Masami and director One Hitoshi attended the DVD/Blu-ray release event of their movie 'Moteki' at Tower Records in Shibuya, Tokyo.

'Moteki' is a romantic comedy starring Moriyama Mirai as a young man who gets taken by surprise by his "moteki" - a period when one becomes very popular and attractive to others. It's based on a popular manga and was already adapted into a TV drama in 2010, which also starred Moriyama as the protagonist. The movie was a financial success and grossed 2,220,000,000 Yen (26.9 million USD).

Nagasawa is playing a somewhat devilish woman who toys with the protagonist's feelings. It was quite a different type of  role from Nagasawa's previous characters from other films, she commented, "So far I've played a lot of neat and clean roles and people came to see me in the same light. I wasn't confident about[that], I am not that kind of person as people think."

Director One has been following Nagasawa as a fan for a while now and analyzed her situation. He said full of confidence,"Since 3 or 4 years ago, I had the feeling that Masami wanted someone to rescue her from this image, and I always thought that this one has to be me." Nagasawa responded, "I never asked you for help, though," causing the audience to laugh.

He continued, "I think it's the right time for her to let people see behind the curtain. The shell that was created by her old image must be quite confining, don't you think? It looks like I cracked that shell a bit."

The fashion of Nagasawa's character, which emphasizes her long legs, became a hot topic as well. One explained, "Stylist Iga Daisuke, who also appears in the movie, and I had been discussing the fashion of her character for 8 long hours. The result of racking our brains for 8 hours was the conclusion that she should show off her bare legs."

Nagasawa revealed that she can still feel the effects of the that decision. "It seems like the number of people leering at me have increased a lot since the release of the movie. People suddenly shout, 'Your legs are beautiful!', which feels... strange." That day she wasn't wearing a dress that would reveal her legs. "Everyone present here today must feel disappointed," One sympathized with the males in the audience.

At the event Nagasawa also talked about how she felt meeting Moriyama again. The last time they worked together was in the movie "Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World", 8 years ago.

She said, "Back then we both were only able to focus on what's in front of us and didn't really talk much, but since then we've become more sociable with each other. My good impression of him hasn't changed and we were able to interact with each other in a very natural way."

"I really like Moriyama a lot, which is also why it was easy for me to feel attracted towards his character. It made me wonder about something. If you really love a person, even if it's just acting, will you still remain in that other person's heart?"

One couldn't continue to listen and revealed his jealousy, "The two of them have been flirting with each other so much that I always was on the verge of shouting 'Cut!', no matter how perfect their acting was. I like her more than him!"

The DVD and Blu-ray of "Moteki" has been on store shelves since March 23rd.

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