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Saito Kazuyoshi to release new single "Gekkou"

March 28, 2012 @ 10:32 am
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Saito Kazuyoshi will be releasing his new single, "Gekkou", on May 2nd.

As reported earlier, "Gekkou" will be used as the theme song for Odagiri Joe's upcoming drama, "Kazoku no Uta", starting April 15th.

For its coupling track, the single will include the theme song for the movie 'Potechi' called "Konya, Ringo no Ki no Shita de".

It will also contain "Metro ni Notte", the CM song for Tokyo Metro's new campaign 'We are the Tokyo Navigator'. The CM for Tokyo Metro featuring "Metro ni Notte" will broadcast starting April 1st.

In further news, the first press edition will feature a live version of "Yasashiku Naritai" from Saito's Nippon Budokan concert on February 11th.

Check out the full track list for "Gekkou below!



01. Gekkou
02. Metro ni Notte
03. Konya, Ringo no Ki no Shita de

First Press Edition Only
04. Yasashiku Naritai (Live at Nippon Budokan 2012.02.11)

Source & Image: natalie


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