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Shida Mirai holds her 2nd photo book release event

March 31, 2012 @ 9:17 pm
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On March 31st, actress Shida Mirai held a release event for her new photo book, "Mirai ~Chiisai Desu Kedo, Nani ka?~", at Bunkyodo Book Store in Shibuya.

This is Shida's 2nd photo book, and fans will be able to experience all four seasons with the actress. Shida shared that her favorite shot is the one where she cuts her long hair that she spent 2 years growing out.

This photo book also commemorates Shida's graduation from high school. She confessed, "I hope to meet someone wonderful before I turn 20."

Shida revealed that her type is actor Abe Hiroshi, and explained, "His atmosphere, but I like his face!" Although her dream of "eating crepes in Harajuku with her boyfriend" didn't come true, she stated, "I want to do it with Abe-san even if it's my role! I don't mind playing the role of his daughter, but I'm aiming for it someday!"

When asked what she would like to graduate from, Shida said, "I gained body fat, so I want to graduate from overeating. When my mom makes gyoza, I eat like 30 of them."

Source & Image: TV Asahi


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