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SID to release new single, "Nokoriga"

March 2, 2012 @ 3:59 am
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Visual kei band SID has announced that they will be releasing their new single, "Nokoriga", on May 2nd!

Composed by Yuya (Dr), the title track is described as a melodious number with a sakura motif. The single will include a brand new song, "Graduation", which is composed by Aki (B). It will also contain the live version of "Higasa" from the band's live event, "JACK IN THE BOX 2011".

SID will be performing their new songs through a live concert on March 16th at Zepp Tokyo. This live will be held especially for members of their official fan club, "ID-S".

Check out the jacket covers below!


<Limited Edition A>

<Limited Edition B>

<Regular Edition>

Source & Photos: natalie


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