AKB48 members to compete with horse racing for the main star of JRA CM

April 14, 2012 @ 1:17 pm
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On April 12th, the JRA(Japan Racing Association) announced that AKB48 will be their new CM models. As one of the main projects of JRA's new campaign 'SMART!JRA', 28 members of AKB48, who are over 20 years of age, will compete by betting on a horse race to become the main star of JRA CM this fall.

The project is named 'AKB no Gachi Uma' and includes Maeda Atsuko. They will call five G1(Grade 1) horse races from Empire Awards on April 29th to Japan Derby on May 27th. JRA started to air the preview CM of this project on April 4th with the slogan, "That national idol will call horse races!", dropping hints of a collaboration with AKB48. Now, all details are revealed with their new CM.

This competition will be based on a point system, and the girls will update their bet on the 'Gachi Uma' website for each race a day before they're held. Every time their bet wins, they will get a point. The member who gains the most will star in JRA's new CM this fall.

The AKB48 members are used to surprise announcements after they had many of them at concerts in the past, but news of this type of competition caught them off guard. Shinoda Mariko and Miyazawa Sae have experience calling horse races on TV programs, so they seem to be in an advantageous position compared to other members.

Check out the two versions of the CM below!

<SMART!JRA 15-second ver.>

<SMART!JRA 30-second ver.>

Source : Sanspo


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