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Fujimaki Ryota holds his first solo concert

April 12, 2012 @ 10:28 pm
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On April 12th, Remioromen's Fujimaki Ryota held his first solo concert, 'Hikari wo Atsumete', at Akasaka BLITZ.

Fujimaki expressed his joy to the fans saying, "We didn't have any lives last year, so I was really hungry. I also came here looking forward to it, so thank you all for gathering here!" Regarding his future plans, he stated, "I want to properly put my songs into form, and would also like to hold a tour."

Earlier this year, Remioromen announced their hiatus, and Fujimaki made his solo debut with the single, "Hikari wo Atsumete". This solo live was held for 1,200 fans who purchased the limited edition version of the single. He sang a total of 11 songs including his solo debut single and unreleased tracks off of his upcoming album.

On stage, Fujimaki revealed that he was troubled about starting his solo activities for quite some time. "When I was troubled by all sorts of things last year, I thought that I have to move forward and this is the song I wrote," he said, and performed his new song, "Beautiful day" for the very first time. This song will be used as the CM song for the medical college, 'Shutoiko', starting April 27th.

Fujimaki also shared his reason for starting his solo activities, "I wanted to make songs with a fresh feeling." He continued to explain, "To be able to separate yourself from restrictions is solo. I'm making each song while thinking that. I want to release a lot of good songs, and come back to everyone again."

Check out pictures from Fujimaki's first solo concert below!


Source & Photos: Mantan Web


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