Hoshino Aki gives birth to her first baby

April 13, 2012 @ 4:08 am
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On April 12th, talent Hoshino Aki(35) gave a birth to her first baby with horse jockey Miura Kosei(23), which she announced through her blog.

She stated, "I gave birth to a healthy baby girl at 4:06 pm(April 12th)." She continue "I surprised by the throes of childbirth, but after I  saw how cute angel was born, it made me to forget about the throes."

Hoshino and Miura had dated for 2 and half years, and last September, they registered their marriage. On October, right after a month of marriage, they announced that she was three months into her pregnancy.

Hoshino commented on her blog, "My daughter is a really dutiful child, as I didn't have morning sickness and was able to spend a happy maternity life. Even at last moment, she was delivered easily." She also added, "Her mouth is exactly like mine, and the other parts take after my husband."

Congratulations Hoshino and Miura!

Source :Oricon
Image : Hoshino Aki Official Blog


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