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Itano Tomomi holds mini live event at Yoyogi Park

April 26, 2012 @ 6:57 am
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On April 25th, AKB48's Itano Tomomi held a mini live event at Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage to commemorate the release of her third solo single, "10nen Go no Kimi e".

Despite the rain, about 4,000 fans gathered at the event, and called out, "Tomo!" and "Tomochin!". After singing the title track and "lose-lose", Itano gave the appeal of her new single saying, "Please sing it a lot at karaoke, and do heavy rotation!"

Itano became the first AKB48 member to make a solo debut, when she released the single, "Dear J", in January of last year. She later topped Oricon's Weekly Ranking with her second single, "Fui ni", in July of the same year. "10nen Go no Kimi e" is Itano's first single in 9 months, and her third single overall. This single contains the idol's first song she wrote herself, titled "lose-lose".

On this day, Itano kicked off the event by singing her second single, "Fui ni". She then performed "Always I need you", "lose-lose", and "10nen Go no Kimi e", for a total of 4 songs.

In front of 4,000 fans, Itano called out, "Thank you for coming out in the rain and cold."

She continued, "I was able to hold an event on the release date for the very first time. Please enjoy it together with Tomo." After the live, Itano held a high touch event and interacted with her fans.

Check out pictures from the event below!

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Source & Pictures: Mantan Web


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