Johnny's Jimusho makes Akanishi Jin drop new drama role as penalty

April 16, 2012 @ 5:59 am
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According to Nikkan Sports, Akanishi Jin (27) has been dropped out of starring Fuji TV's new drama. According to insider sources, Johnny's Jimusho requested Kansai TV production to let Akanishi drop. As we reported last month, they already cancelled Akanishi's nationwide arena tour as a penalty of reporting his marriage with Kuroki Meisa after their registration, and this will be the latest punishment.

This is Fuji TV's new drama series which is scheduled to air on Tuesday at 10:00PM starting from July. The drama will be a remake of 'GTO', which was a big hit starring Sorimachi Takashi. Akanishi had been informally decided to take on the lead role on February 2nd, before his marriage was unexpectedly reported.

According to those who are related to the matter, Johnny's Jimusho made his request to Kansai TV production at the beginning of March, and after they had conferences, the cancellation was officially decided upon at the end of the month. Although Kansai TV stated, "There is nothing that we can comment about it," some of their staff shared, "I heard we had been continuing with Akanishi as the strong candidate, but at this moment, it is definite that his name is not listed as a candidate anymore."

This 'GTO' remake drama would've been the first time that Akanishi would star in drama since NTV 'Yukan-club' back in 2007. The production schedule of this drama has not officially been announced yet, but the audition for other cast members has already started.

Do you think this is a fair response to Akanishi Jin's marriage scandal? Tell us what you think about the situation in the comments section below!

Source : Nikkan Sports


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