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Kikkawa Yuu to hold '1st Anniversary Live'

April 7, 2012 @ 1:21 am
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In May, Kikkawa Yuu will be celebrating her 20th birthday on the 1st of the month as well as her 1 year anniversary since her solo debut on the 11th. To commemorate these occasions, the singer will hold a live concert titled '1st Anniversary Live' on May 4th and 6th at TOKYO FM Hall.

Kikkawa has planned out different agendas for these two days. "Kikka Fes ~Band Shite Mikka~" is the theme for May 4th, and the idol will be challenging herself to her first band-style (acoustic) concert. To fulfill her fans' wishes, she will also sing hit songs during her 'Hello! Project' era, along with cover songs.

May 6th is titled "Kikka Fes ~Mirai ni Itte Mikka~". On this day, Kikkawa will sing her new songs for the very first time.

Kikkawa is also scheduled to hold handshake events after the concerts.

Source & Image: Oricon


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