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Mr.Children's "Youthful Days" chosen for new 'KIRIN Lemon' CM

April 4, 2012 @ 5:39 am
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Mr. Children's song, "Youthful Days", has been chosen as the CM song for KIRIN Beverage's "Kirin Otona no Kirin Lemon"!

"Youthful Days" is the band's 21st single that was released back in November of 2001. It was chosen as the CM song because it's the new image character Hasebe Makoto's favorite song.

The new CM starts with Hasebe thinking about the manga, "Captain Tsubasa", on his day off. Suddenly, the protagonist 'Oozora Tsubasa' appears in front of him and hands him a captain mark.

Regarding this collaboration, manga artist Takahashi Yoichi commented, "When I heard that Hasebe admired Oozora Tsubasa when he was a young boy, and that they would be co-starring together, I was very happy. Please enjoy the two captains' interactions."

The new CM for "Kirin Otona no Kirin Lemon" will air nationwide starting April 10th. The making-of footage will also be available on Kirin Lemon's official website.

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