Nagasawa Masami turns on her adult charm for 'Numero TOKYO'

April 25, 2012 @ 7:45 am
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On April 25th, it was revealed that actress Nagasawa Masami is going to appear in an upcoming edition of the fashion magazine 'Numero TOKYO'.

Nagasawa is going to be featured in the BEAUTY spread of the magazine and completely turn on her adult charm. Of course, the photo shoot won't miss out focusing on her trademark beautiful legs. However, it's not only the pictures themselves that are pretty bold, but also her very honest interview with the magazine.

Thanks to her appearance in the movie 'Moteki', her stardom suddenly received a huge boost again, making her a representative of "kawaii" women everywhere. With this photo spread, she's breaking out of that image again by wearing first-class designer clothes, putting on more showy makeup than usual, and flaunting some alluring expressions. She's revealing more cleavage than usual with some very low-cut outfits as well. She definitely isn't afraid of showing off her glamorous body anymore.

In the interview she looks back at all the things she experienced since her debut at the age of 13. On June 3rd, she's turning 25, so there must plenty to talk about. She expressed, "Doing this job and enriching my life as a single woman is quite difficult. There were many times when I couldn't accept people." She continued, "I'll never loose that fundamental secretiveness [of this job]."

When asked about her current state, she answered with a bit of confidence, "Maybe I've had enough enrichment now." She shared that she a desire to settle down, "If there is one thing I desire, it's a family. With age, I naturally start to think about marriage."

The edition of 'Numero TOKYO' featuring Nagasawa will go on sale April 27th.

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Source: Cinema Today


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