Nagayama Kento breaks his left knee in motorcycle accident

April 3, 2012 @ 4:04 am
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On April 2nd, it was reported that actor Nagayama Kento fractured his left knee in a motorcycle accident.

According to his agency, the accident occurred on March 29th when Nagayama misjudged his steering and rolled over on his motorcycle while heading home from voice training. A witness immediately dialed 119, and he was rushed to a hospital in Tokyo.

On the 2nd, Nagayama underwent surgery, and it was determined that he should be hospitalized for about a month. No one was hurt aside Nagayama, and it was treated as a self-inflicted injury.

Through their official website, Nagayama's agency commented, "After the accident, Nagayama is fully conscious, and he deeply regrets what he has caused due to his own carelessness. He is admonishing himself for what he has done, and has decided to devote his time to treatments."

As a result, Nagayama has resigned from his role in the upcoming stage play, "Hand Down Kitchen", which was scheduled to open on May 12th. He will be replaced by actor Nakamura Tomoya.

Source: Sanspo
Image: Daily Sports


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