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New stage 'Egg' featuring Tsumabuki Satoshi, Fukatsu Eri and Nakamura Toru announced

April 28, 2012 @ 8:52 am
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Japanese theater genius Noda Hideki’s very own theater company, NODA MAP, will be opening their 17th stage titled, “Egg”, featuring Tsumabuki Satoshi, Fukatsu Eri, and Nakamura Toru as the starring actors for this play.

It was also revealed on the same day that singer-songwriter Shiina Ringo will be providing a new song for this upcoming stage play as well. This play will begin its performance on September 5th at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, which will have its renewal opening in September as well.

“Egg” is set during the 20th century when the entertainment industry mesmerized its vast audience. Tsumabuki and Nakamura will take on a role of athletes, and Fukatsu will take on a role of a singer-songwriter during that time.

Furthermore, Shiina will create a song for Fukatsu’s role based on the lyrics Noda Hideki provided, and Fukatsu will be expected to perform this collaboration song on stage. Although the significance of this play’s title, “Egg”, is not yet known, we can expect a lot of fans to turn up to this event to find out for themselves.

NODA MAP’s 17th stage, “Egg” will open its doors on September 5th to October 28th at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space Play House, and will start its ticket sales on July 21st.


Source & Image: Cinema Today


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