Tominaga Ai expresses her anger towards Shioya Shun

April 27, 2012 @ 9:55 am
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On April 27th, model Tominaga Ai appeared on Fuji TV's news program, 'Shiritagari!', where she commented on actor Shioya Shun's alleged two-timing. Tominaga expressed, "What he did to us is the truth. To talk about marriage with two people at the same time is unforgiveable."

Shioya started dating Tominaga in late-March, when he was already in a relationship with cooking specialist Sonoyama Makie since February. Sonoyama found out about Shioya's two-timing when 'FRIDAY' first reported his relationship with the model. At the time, Tominaga was clueless about Shioya and Sonoyama, and happily admitted to their relationship. A mutual friend of the two women later gave Tominaga the details, leaving both Tominaga and Sonoyama furious.

Tominaga is good friends with Sonoyama, and she stated that she often visits her restaurant. Regarding the incident, Tominaga commented, "It's like a movie. It's unforgivable." She also revealed that she's gotten in contact with Sonoyama, who told her, "I'm an iron woman, so I'll be okay."

Tominaga then shared her feelings when she first found out that she was being two-timed. "I was in shock. I was thinking of dating him seriously. There were a lot of things I had to think about." However, she stressed, "I'm okay now. I've had enough of love."

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