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Watanabe Mayu and Minegishi Minami attend event for 'Dior'

April 3, 2012 @ 1:50 pm
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On April 3rd, AKB48's Watanabe Mayu and Minegishi Minami attended an event for fashion brand 'Dior' at a cafe in Omotesando.

During this event, Minegishi revealed that she had heard about Maeda Atsuko's graduation about a year ago. She then stated, "But I didn't know she was going to say it at Saitama Super Arena. She told me sorry for not telling me, and it made me cry even more."

Meanwhile, Watanabe disclosed, "I had no idea," and reflected upon the sudden announcement saying, "I was just surprised."

This event was held to commemorate the release of Dior Addict's new series, 'Dior Addict Extreme'. To coincide with this new release, a free trial corner will be open for a limited time at 'Omotesando Bakery Cafe426' until April 15th.

Since this was an event for make-up, Watanabe and Minegishi were asked if they had confidence with no make-up on. Both girls answered no, and shared their tips for keeping their skin beautiful. Watanabe revealed, "I make sure I wash off my make-up completely," and Minegishi said, "Sometimes, I go to the stone sauna and do some detoxification."

Check out pictures from the event below!

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Sources: Mantan Web, Oricon


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