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Arashi reveals radio rips of "Hanabi" and "Kimi ga Irukara", coupling songs from their upcoming single

May 28, 2012 @ 2:13 am
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On the May 27th broadcast of Ninomiya Kazunari’s radio station Bay Storm and on the recent broadcast of Aiba Masaki's radio station Recomen!, coupling songs from Arashi’s upcoming single, “Your Eyes” (to be released on June 6th) were revealed!

One of the songs, titled “Hanabi”, is a coupling track from the Regular Edition of this upcoming single.  It features an upbeat, melodic beat with some elements of jazz into the mix.

As for the Limited Edition coupling song, "Kimi ga Irukara", it is a lively song that describes one person's experience with a significant other, the perfect summer song.

Listen to these radio rips and tell us what you think of it below!



<"Kimi ga Irukara">



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