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BiS releases second teaser for major debut single "PPCC"

May 23, 2012 @ 10:41 pm
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Last month it was announced that the unique and unorthodox idol group BiS (Brand-new idol Society) would be making their major debut under avex trax this summer.

Today, a second teaser for their major debut single "PPCC" appeared on the official YouTube channel of avex and it's already much more intriguing - if not as hypnotic - as the first teaser, which was released on May 9th.

At first you might be perplexed about what you are seeing in the teaser with all the kissing and licking, but at the end of the teaser they finally lift the secret about the meaning of "PPCC" by singing one line from the actual song. Now all the licking (peropero) and the kissing (chuchu) actually makes sense, at least from from a weird yet typical BiS promotional standpoint.

Now check out the second teaser below!


Source: avexnetwork


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