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BONNIE PINK to release new single, "Machi no Namae"

May 8, 2012 @ 4:23 pm
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It's been revealed that BONNIE PINK will be releasing her new single, "Machi no Namae", on July 4th.

After releasing "Tsumetai Ame" earlier in February, this marks BONNIE PINK's second single of the year. The title track is produced by Suzuki Masato (LITTLE CREATURES), who has served as the bandmaster for BONNIE PINK's tours in recent years. It's described as a medium tempo number with a beautiful melody and string arrangements.

Additionally, BONNIE PINK will be kicking off her live tour on September 14th. The first press edition of the single will enclose details on pre-ordering tickets.

Source & Image: natalie


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