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Chef Kawagoe Tatsuya holds release event for "Okome no Ohanashi / Curry Rice Gakkou"

May 4, 2012 @ 4:09 am
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On May 3rd, chef Kawagoe Tatsuya held a release event for his CD debut song, "Okome no Ohanashi / Curry Rice Gakkou", at Tressa Yokohama.

Despite the rain, about 500 people gathered at the mall. When the mini-live began, the crowd clapped along, and some fans even started dancing.

Although he didn't have time for rehearsals before the event, the chef seemed satisfied with his performance as he said, "I'm relieved my voice came out. Out of 10 points, I give it 10 points."

Regarding the result of his singing debut, Kawagoe stated, "I happened to sing a song once, and a staff told me, 'why don't you try singing?' Since I had the opportunity, I decided to sing about dietary education and ingredients."

The event featured a special guest appearance by comedian Tokui Yoshimi of Tutorial, who provided the lyrics to "Okome no Ohanashi". He revealed that it took him 30-minutes to write the lyrics, and commented, "He has talent. The god of music came down to make Chef Kawagoe sing. I was able to write really good lyrics."


Source: Nikkan Sports

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