Comedian Kimura Yuichi holds wedding ceremony for his fourth marriage

May 9, 2012 @ 12:50 pm
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On May 8th, comedian Kimura Yuichi (49), also known as Kimunii, and actress Nishikata Ryo (31) held their wedding reception at the Yoshimoto Kogyo Tokyo office in Shinjuku.

At 1PM, the couple wed in a ceremony at a closed-off elementary school, and could be seen from the courtyard descending the stairs from the third floor through the window. 354 people attended the ceremony to give their blessings to the couple. 174 entertainers and talents who know Kimura Yuichi including Downtown’s Matsumoto Hitoshi and Imada Koji were in attendance as well as 180 other people including Nakayama Hideyuki, YOU, and Shimazaki Wakako.

Before the reception, Kimunii, who is marrying for the fourth time to someone 18 years his junior, stated plainly, “Please let this be the last time.” At the reception he stated, “Since I made people cry at the last reception, I will [try my best] not to betray those tears.”  Jicho Kacho’s Komoto Junichi and Football Hour’s Goto Terumoto served as witnesses at their marriage registration signing. The Jicho Kacho duo, Goto, and Kendo Kobayashi served as the MCs for the reception.

The wedding cake was custom made and delivered by Kyoto-based pastry shop “CLOVER”. After guests gave their congratulations, Yoshimoto entertainers provided entertainment with “Oiwai Kayou Show” (Congratulatory song show).  Reiza Ramon RG did a performance called “Hirou Aruaru & Kimura Aruaru”, Kyuuton performed “Posing art”, Tenshin’s Kimura read “Chinese love poems”, Moody Katsuyama performed “A song to ward off marriage”, and Kumada Masashi demonstrated “Hand-crafted art”, while Nagai Yuichiro made “sound jokes”.  Lastly, Jinnai Tomonori, with Fujiwara Ikuro playing accompanying music, sang Kobukuro’s Towa ni Tomo ni.”

Imada who attended the reception, stated with candid advice, “Congratulations. I do not know how many times I have said this, but I think Kimura-kun is a natural at meeting his soul mates multiple times. Even so, please make this your last time.” He congratulated the couple with, “Because Ryo-san is a different type of person, I think it will be okay. I wish to truly congratulate you.” YOU inserted humor into his congratulatory remarks, “Congratulations today. Kimura-san has been cherishing me from way back. If you plan on throwing a party this fun again, please get married every year!

Source + Image: Oricon Eltha


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