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GReeeeN reveals PV for "OH!!!! Meiwaku!!!!"

May 10, 2012 @ 12:54 pm
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GReeeeN has revealed the PV for their upcoming single, "OH!!!! Meiwaku!!!!".

For this PV, the members thought, "Indian music has the magic to make people smile. We definitely want the people of India to make the music video for our new song!" The cast and staff for this PV are all Indian, and it was shot in India as well.

The single will be available in both limited and regular editions. The regular edition will only contain the title track. Meanwhile, the limited edition will include a coupling song called "Ichiban Boshi". It will also come with a DVD with the video clip for "OH!!!! Meiwaku!!!!".

Check out the PV below!

Source: natalie


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