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Hey! Say! JUMP holds their first overseas concert in Hong Kong

May 27, 2012 @ 9:23 pm
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Five years after their debut, the boys of Hey! Say! JUMP held their first overseas concert on May 26th at Kitec Star Hall in Hong Kong.

Last year, Kondo Masahiko and Yamashita Tomohisa performed at Kitec Star Hall, which holds approximately 4,500 people. Before the concert started, the venue was filled with excitement as fans called out, "JUMP! JUMP!"

When member Yaotome Hikaru called out to the crowd in Cantonese, "Hong Kong! Are you excited?!", Yabu Kota also shouted, "More! More!" The boys showed off their flying act with folding fans and umbrellas wearing outfits decorated with folded-paper cranes. They also sang "Thank you ~Bokutachi Kara Kimi e~" in Cantonese.

During the Q&A segment, the members stepped off the stage and held an interview with the fans. They were bombarded with questions in Japanese such as "How were the room arrangements last night?", "Chinen-kun, did you go fishing with Arashi's Ohno-kun?", and "Please hold me tight!"

After singing and dancing to 29 songs, Nakajima Yuto expressed, "My nervousness disappeared in an instant. I thought about how blessed I am." Arioka Daiki also said, "This concert became a replacement for JUMP's business cards." Meanwhile, Yamada Ryosuke commented, "We were able to reduce the distance between fans, who have been studying more Japanese than I thought."

Johnny's Jimusho's president Johnny Kitagawa was also present at the concert. This marked Johnny's first time in 10 years to attend an overseas concert. The last was Tackey & Tsubasa's Taipei live back in May of 2002. He promised, "If the Hong Kong concert is a success, we should have more overseas concerts like in Hawaii and Las Vegas."

Source: Sanspo 1, 2


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