Kamenashi Kazuya to challenge over 20 roles in new movie

May 5, 2012 @ 2:40 pm
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KAT-TUN's Kamenashi Kazuya has landed the lead role in Miki Satoshi's upcoming film, 'Ore Ore' ('It's Me, It's Me').

Kamenashi commented, "To be able to work with director Miki Satoshi is a new challenge for me."

Meanwhile, director Miki spoke highly of Kamenashi stating, "He's an actor who has the ability to read and understand the script, the power of knowing what is expected of him, and the cleverness of responding to those requests." He continued, "I thought that only Kamenashi could play this mysterious leading role."

'Ore Ore' is based on a novel by Hoshino Tomoyuki, which has won the '5th Kenzaburo Oe Prize'. Its story revolves around an electronics retail store worker named Hitoshi (Kamenashi), who becomes involved in a scam called "ore ore sagi".

The "ore ore sagi" is an increasing crime in Japan, which is primarily targeted at the elderly. The scammer calls their target, pretends to be someone they know, and asks for money.

While Hitoshi goes around pretending to be other people, he finds "me" multiplying. Before long, the elimination of the other "me" begins.

For this movie, Kamenashi will challenge himself to over 20 roles including a "military enthusiast me", "big breasted me", and "full-body tattoo me".

Kamenashi expressed, "It's impossible for 'me to increase', but it's not unrealistic in society. I thought the strangeness that happens when close to reality was interesting. Each 'me' character has their own individuality, so I want people to focus on both the similar and different aspects."

The filming for 'Ore Ore' starts in mid-May, and will be released sometime in 2013. There are also plans for distribution overseas.

Source & Image: Mantan Web


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