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Kanjani 8 reveals track list for upcoming single "Ai Deshita."

May 12, 2012 @ 3:53 am
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Kanjani 8 has released the track list for their upcoming single "Ai Deshita", which will drop on June 13th.

As reported previously the single is the theme song for Nishikido Ryo's TBS drama "Papadol!". The song's lyrics talks about the love for people who give light to our lonely and anxious daily lives.

There will be a limited and a regular edition for this single. The limited edition will be packaged very beautifully as it's the first single of their 8-year anniversary. The Regular edition will have 3 coupling songs, "Midare Sake Romance", ballad "Merry Go Round", and dance track"Rurarira".

Check out the track list below.


Ai Deshita
<Limited Edition>
01 Ai Deshita
02 Midare Sake Romance

Ai Deshita Music Clip+Making footage

<Regular Edition>
[CD only]
01 Ai Deshita
02 Midare Sake Romance
03 Merry Go Round
04 Rurarira
05 Ai Deshita (Original Karaoke)
06 Midare Sake Romance (Original Karaoke)
07 Merry Go Round (Original Karaoke)
08 Rurarira (Original Karaoke)

Source & Image : Johnny's net


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