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Kitano Kii sings new song "Smile Again" with her fans

May 23, 2012 @ 7:58 am
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On May 19th, singer and actress Kitano Kii held a fan meeting and recorded a choral-style number with some lucky fans.

Twenty five fan were chosen to participate in the event out of a raffle of about 500 applicants. Kitano herself announced in front of her fans, "I'd like to record a song called 'Smile Again' with all of you as a chorus!", a happy surprise for them as they knew nothing about it until Kitano told them.

"Smile Again" is a song that was in music text books when she was a student. She commented on the special event,"Last year, so many things happened, and I feel like Japan has lost its brightness and its vigor. I wanted to do something so that we can make each person forget the worries and sadness they feel on a daily basis, even for just today, so I planned for all of us to sing this song together."

"What's important is not that we're singing, but the fun of everyone making one thing together... When we're all singing together, your smiles come out all on their own, and by vocalizing you let out stress, so that tomorrow you can smile again!"

Kitano let the group into a practice session prior to recording the song. The studio where the event was held is the same studio Kitano normally uses to record her music. Some fans were so moved by being able to meet and record with their favorite artists that they showed tears.

Source + Photo: Barks


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