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Okada Masaki is moved to tears by Oguri Shun's letter

May 16, 2012 @ 10:12 pm
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On May 15th, actors Okada Masaki and Oguri Shun attended the final stage greeting for their hit film, 'Uchuu Kyodai'.

During the event, Okada was moved to tears by Oguri's surprise letter. As a matter of fact, Okada had first planned to give Oguri a surprise letter on this day. However, upon hearing about the surprise, Oguri also wrote a letter to Okada.

Okada and Oguri only share 5 scenes in the movie, but they've spent over a year together with filming and promotional events. At their final event, Okada told Oguri, "During our private time, he would always give me advice about work. It's like I've really gained an older brother. One day I plan to overtake you, and pull pranks on you with all my strength. Please co-star with me again someday."

Meanwhile, Oguri read his letter aloud, "He's friendly, hates losing, selfish, and pure. But I, as an older brother, am very happy to have a younger brother like Okada-kun." As Okada wiped away his tears, the crowd was also deeply touched by the brotherhood.

'Uchuu Kyodai' is based on a popular manga series by Koyama Chuuya which is currently being serialized in 'Morning'. It tells a story about 2 brothers named Mutta (Oguri) and Hibito (Okada), who promises to become astronauts when they grow up. Over time, Hibito becomes an astronaut while Mutta is unemployed. While the brothers live two different lives, Mutta receives an e-mail from Hibito, which motivates him to reach for his dreams once again.

'Uchuu Kyodai' is currently playing in theaters nationwide.

Source & Image: Cinema Today


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