Rola to star in new CM for Sapporo Beer

May 14, 2012 @ 9:16 am
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It's been revealed that talento Rola will be starring in the CM for Sapporo Beer's newest product, "Hop Batake no Kaori".

"Hop Batake no Kaori" is Sapporo's new type of beer that will go on sale for a limited time starting May 16th. In the new CM, Rola orders "Hop Batake no Kaori" at a restaurant, then says "okay~!" with a hop plant on her nose. She revealed that she had to say "okay~!" 38 times during the CM shoot.

Rola commented, "The highlight of the CM is the fun scene where the hop plant sticks to my nose." Her eyes glimmered as she said, "If I get a boyfriend, I would like to drink it with him."

Sapporo Beer's new CM starring Rola will air starting May 16th.

Check out screen shots from the CM below!

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Source & Photos: Mantan Web


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