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SCANDAL kicks off their nationwide tour in Kagoshima

May 23, 2012 @ 11:43 pm
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SCANDAL, who held a successful one-man live at Nippon Budokan for the very first time on March 28th, kicked off their nationwide tour "SCANDAL 'LIVE IDO LIVE' TOUR 2012" at Kagoshima's CAPARVO HALL on May 19th.

The seventeen performances of the tour are spread out over the span of approximately a month, with stops in Hiroshima, Nagoya, Kyoto, and more. The tickets for all seventeen events sold out almost simultaneously when they went on sale for the general public, affirming the popularity the band, themselves, witnessed at their live at Budokan. The tickets for their Kagoshima live sold out in just 20 minutes after being made available, especially because the event was their first ever live held in Kagoshima.

Many of the songs from their recently released best-of album "SCANDAL SHOW" were played at the concert, in addition to their upcoming song "Taiyou Scandalous", which will be released as a single on July 11th and was produced by NAOTO of ORANGE RANGE. The fans in the audience all started dancing at once while listening to the song being performed for the first time, suggesting that the song could be a huge hit when finally released later this summer.

SCANDAL also gathered attention for their outfits, as the four wore sleeveless jean jackets to their concerts. One fan called out, "You look like Sugi-chan!", to which bassist TOMOMI replied, "Don't we look wild~?", humoring the crowd with her impression of Sugi-chan.

The band also plans to attend summer outdoor events such as "HIGHER GROUND", "INAZUMA ROCK FES 2012", and "MTV ZUSHI Fes" this year.

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