Shioya Shun apologizes for recent two-timing

May 1, 2012 @ 4:31 pm
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After creating quite a stir for his two-timing relationship, Shioya Shun, has finally commented about the situation with an apology through a Fax to the media.

He admitted to the alleged two-timing as reported by the media and stated "I hurt two women's feelings with my irresponsible and immoral behavior. Sonoyama Makie-san, Tominaga Ai-san, I am very sorry. It is true that I talked about marriage with them." and added "This is all about my immaturity and crudeness. Now, ashamed, I acknowledge that I lacked sense and responsibility for 'Loving a person'."

He commented that he had the opportunity to apologize to both Sonoyama and Tominaga in person on April 20th.

Also, he made an apology to his fans and all the people involved and concluded with the comment, "I accept everything and have reflected upon my internal state and feelings. As a responsible mature man and as an actor, I would like to give back something to everyone without repeating the same mistake again. I am truly sorry."

Source : Nikkan sports

Image : Sponichi Annex


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