Suzuki Kyoka to guest star as Sakai Masato's ex-wife in Fuji TV drama 'Legal High'

May 11, 2012 @ 11:57 am
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On May 10th, it was announced that actress Suzuki Kyoka (43) will make a guest appearance on the May 22nd broadcast (6th episode) of Fuji TV’s 'Legal High' (Tuesdays, at 9PM).  She will play the ex-wife of Sakai Masato (38).

Suzuki will play Keiko, the ex-wife of the protagonist Komikado. Keiko is a lawyer who has never lost a case and previously worked at the same law firm with Komikado. She chose, after enduring months of the failed marriage, to move to the United States to practice international law. The episode will follow the divorce proceedings of a famous couple. Komikado will represent the husband, while Keiko will represent the wife.  The fierce courtroom battle between the former couple will unfold in the episode.

Suzuki, who has not costarred with Sakai since the 2004 NHK Taiga drama 'Shinsengumi!', stated with a bitter laugh, “I needed to work at ‘full throttle 10 times (more)’ than in my normal roles,” but commented that “Working with [Sakai] granted me an enjoyable filming experience.” Sakai also commented on the excitement of the acting battle with Suzuki. “If I were to speak about unmerited honor, this would be the perfect example.”

Source & Image: Sanspo


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