Takuma Takayuki and Okouchi Nanako file for divorce

May 11, 2012 @ 1:56 pm
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Scenario writer and actor Takuma Takayuki (41) and actress Okouchi Nanako (34) announced via FAX that they have filed for divorce on May 7th.

According to Takuma, the reason for their divorce is that their "points of view for the future and sense of value diverge from each other. Therefore, we've concluded that going our separate ways would be the best choice for each others' future. We do not hate each other, nor do we feel depressed."

They got married back in November 2006, and had a son in September 2008. Though Okouchi has custody of the child, Takuma will also be involved in raising the child. Okouchi commented, "It's the start of my new life. I would like to go on cheerfully and happily with 'Tora-san' (their son). We will always be a father and mother for 'Tora-san'."

Source & Image: Oricon style


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