Teaser for Oizumi Yo & Aso Kumiko's new movie 'GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!' revealed

May 15, 2012 @ 9:26 pm
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A teaser video for Oizumi Yo and Aso Kumiko's upcoming movie, 'GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!', has been revealed!

'GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!' is based on a novel by Yoshikawa Toriko, and is directed by Yamamoto Yutaka. It tells a story of a complicated family consisting of a single mother, her daughter, and her former bandmate. Aso plays the role of the mother 'Aki', while Oizumi plays the frivolous and kind 'Yagu'. It also stars 'Seventeen' model Miyoshi Ayaka as Aki's daughter 'Hatsuki'.

Aki, who used to be a former guitarist for a punk band, lives happily together with her daughter Hatsuki. They get along well despite their different personalities, when all of a sudden, Aki's former band member Yagu enters their lives.

'GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!' will open in theaters nationwide starting in December.

Check out the teaser below!

Source & Image: Eiga


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