Yoshitaka Yuriko has a twin sister?

May 16, 2012 @ 7:29 am
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The teaser CM for Ezaki Glico's snack, Cheeza, starring actress Yoshitaka Yuriko recently started to air in Japan. The theme of the commercial is "cheeza and drinking at home".

The story starts when Yuriko's mother (Ichige Yoshie) tells Yuriko, "When Yuriko becomes of drinking age, I'll tell you the truth." She then reveals, "You have a twin sister. Her name is Glico. Yoshitaka... Glico."

Yuriko then sets out on a journey to meet her twin sister, and is mistaken for Glico herself, leading her to find yet another piece of truth.

Between shoots, Yoshitaka would snack on Cheeza snacks that were prepared for the CM. She continued to eat although she claimed, "I'm full already." By the end of the shoot, the 300 pieces of Cheeza were completely gone.

The CM also stars actress Kishimoto Kayoko, Yamaguchi Takashi of Inawashirokos, and Matsuda Shinji.

Ezaki Glico's new CMs for Cheeza will air starting May 17th, but get a first look below!


Source: TV Asahi


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