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Fukushi Sota holds handshake event for his first photo book

June 3, 2012 @ 10:36 pm
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On June 2nd, actor Fukushi Sota (19) held a handshake event to commemorate the release of his first photo book, 'After Chicken Rice Go To Merlion'.

Fukushi has been quite busy with his lead role in 'Kamen Rider Fourze', but when asked what he would like to do before turning 20, he answered, "I want to go to places I hardly get to go during my private time, like Shibuya or an amusement park." The actor continued, "I want to conquer the roller coaster with my friend!"

The photo book was shot in Singapore and has the theme "traveling alone without being aware of the camera". Fukushi explained the story behind the unique title saying, "After eating some delicious chicken rice, I said, 'Let's go see Merlion', and that's how it became the title. It's a title that suits me."

Fukushi is already getting ready for his next photo book. His eyes gleamed as he said, "I want to take a trip around the world as a backpacker visiting world heritages."

Check out pictures from the event below!

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Source & Photos: Oricon


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