Kanjani8's Yasuda Shouta to play his first lead role in "Dragon Seinendan"

June 7, 2012 @ 11:35 am
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It has just been revealed that Kanjani8 member Yasuda Shouta will be taking on his first ever lead role for the new serial drama "Dragon Seinendan", which will begin broadcasting on MBS and TBS in July.

The plot revolves around three suburban young men who find out that they are the descendants of the 'Soldiers of Light' from a scroll they find in a bookstore, making for a modern fantasy drama. The script was written by Ueda Makoto of Europe Kikaku, who created the scripts for the movie "Summertime Machine Blues" as well as the drama "Kazoku Hakkei". Director Miki Takahiro of "Solanin" and "Bokura ga Ita" will be tackling his first serial drama with "Dragon Seinendan" alongside director Matsui Daigo and scriptwriter Ueda Makoto for a three-man directing team.

Starring with Yasuda, who will play the character Yoshio, are Renbutsu Misako as the heroine Yoko, Endou Kaname as Yoshio's best friend Kenji, and Honda Riki of Europe Kikaku as Yoshio's other best friend Tamotsu. New actress Araki Yuuko will be making an appearance as Yuka, Yoko's sister and secret admirer of Tamotsu, and Yusuke Santa Maria will be making an appearance as well.

When asked about the shooting location, Yasuda commented, "The atmosphere feels so bright... It really makes you feel like being funny. I'd love to give off the mood that we're chatting in a local coffee shop, that kind of thing. I think that'll be one of the highlights [of the drama]."

"Dragon Seinendan" will start broadcasting on TBS beginning on July 17 at 00:55 AM every Wednesday and on MBS on July 19 every Friday at 00:55 AM.

Source + Image: Oricon


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