Takaoka Sousuke is in a relationship with Suzuki Ami?

June 1, 2012 @ 8:34 pm
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On May 31st, rumors arose that actor Takaoka Sousuke (30), who divorced his ex-wife, actress Miyazaki Aoi (26) in December of last year, is currently dating singer Suzuki Ami (30).  The June 1st edition of weekly tabloid magazine “FRIDAY” featured two photographs of the rumored pair under the the headline “Overnight Love”.  According to sources close to the couple, they began dating about one month ago and with their birthdays just one day apart, they felt a connection and hit it off.  Around the time of their rumored courtship, reports were surfacing that Suzuki’s relationship with a businessman 12 years here senior was in a troubled state.

Suzuki is currently taking on the challenge of being a DJ and being noticed for being more feminine these days. Takaoka Sousuke came in the public light last July after posting some inflammatory tweets, bashing ‘Hallyu’ (‘Korean Wave)’ in Japan. In December of the same year, Takaoka divorced Miyazaki Aoi.  From there, the unexpected relationship between Takaoka and Suzuki was born.

“Friday” reported that on a late night towards the end of May, Takaoka took Suzuki to and from a club in Tokyo where Suzuki was DJ-ing in his beloved Jeep. Afterwards, the pair went to Takaoka’s apartment house which is located just outside of downtown.  The following night, Takaoka did the same thing; the pair appeared to be in a relationship as they embraced each other while they walked to his apartment house, which was reported as “Overnight Love.”

Both Takaoka and Suzuki were born in 1982; Takaoka’s birthday is on February 8, while Suzuki's is on February 9, which is a mere single day difference.  One reason why they became a couple is that they are close in age, so they became close quickly due to common interests.  On the 28th of last month, Takaoka suddenly deleted his Twitter account, but recently, there have been Tweets rumoring that Takaoka has a new love interest.

Suzuki’s agency has responded mildly to Sanspo regarding the rumored reports with “We leave her private life up to her.”  Takaoka’s agency didn't respond to the inquiries.

Suzuki is set to appear at the “Love Campus 2012 Spring” event at STUDIO COAST in Shinkiba, Tokyo.  It will be interesting what she might say at the event.

Source & Image: Sanspo


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