Yamaguchi Tomoko to star in her first drama in 16 years

June 3, 2012 @ 6:38 pm
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It has been announced actress Yamaguchi Tomoko will come back to star in a new Fuji TV's drama series as a wife of the lead role, Abe Hiroshi. The yet-to-be-titled drama is scheduled to air from October, every Tuesday at 10:00 PM.

This will be Yamaguchi's first time starring in a drama in 16 years, after popular drama 'Long Vacation'(1996) which marked the audience rating of 36.7% as a highest figure.

Regarding her co-star Abe, she commented, "I want to jump into Abe-san's generosity, kindness and warmth." Abe responded with smile, "[Yamaguchi] is a nice person who is always natural and relaxed. Since it will be her first time in 16 years to star in a drama series, I am happy that I can co-star with very fresh feeling."

The drama features the original script written by film director Koreeda Hirokazu, his first script for a drama series. Koreeda is famous for the movie 'Dare mo Shiranai Nobody Knows', for which Yagira Yuya won the Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival (2004).

The drama follows the story of a fortysome-year-old salesman (Abe)'s strugles with troubles of his parents, wife (Yamaguchi) and child. This will be Koreeda's third time working with Abe, following the movies 'Aruitemo Aruitemo'(2008) and 'Kiseki" (2011). Together, they will create a family drama which will make viewers both laugh and cry.

Yamaguchi commented about the script, saying, "When I read the script, I was like, 'Interesting! I want to see more as soon as possible!" Since I like a work that's full of dreams and hope, I am happy to join such a drama."

She continued, "I really sympathize with the drama's hidden theme, 'That which is visible isn't everything.' I want to create the drama where we can touch everybody and make them laugh."

Source & Image : Sanspo 1 + 2


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