FRIDAY reports that Kora Kengo and Nozaki Moeka are in a relationship

July 26, 2012 @ 9:22 pm
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This week's edition of the infamous tabloid 'FRIDAY' reports that popular actor Kora Kengo (24) and popular fashion model Nozaki Moeka (22) are in a romantic relationship.

'FRIDAY' has obtained photographs of Nozaki visiting Kora's apartment in the evening after the stage greeting for his movie 'Kueki Ressha'. After six hours in the apartment, late at night, she was eventually seen leaving and Kora gently escorted her towards the entrance. Apparently they have both been staring at each other in regret over having to say good-bye to each other already. According to the tabloid, they first met when Nozaki went to see one of Kora's stage plays at the beginning of last year and immediately became friends.

[caption id="attachment_256321" align="aligncenter" width="220" caption="Nozaki Moeka arriving and leaving."][/caption]

Kora made his acting debut in the 2005 drama 'Gokusen' (NTV) and has steadily increased his popularity since then with roles in much-talked about projects such as the movie 'Norwegian Wood' and the morning drama 'Ohisama' (NHK). Nozaki made her debut in the industry as the runner-up of the 2009 Tokyo Girls Collection - Miss TGC contest. After that she became an exclusive model for popular fashion magazine 'non-no' and appeared in various CMs.

Upon inquiring at Kora's agency about this rumor by Sanspo, they commented, "He's already an adult and therefore we stay out of his private life."

Source: Sanspo


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