Mano Erina to graduate from Hello! Project

July 21, 2012 @ 4:30 pm
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On July 21st, during Hello! Project's 15th anniversary live at Orix Theatre, soloist Mano Erina announced that she will be graduating from Hello! Project early next year.

In front of 2,400 fans, she reported, "It's been decided that I will be graduating from Hello! Project after the Hello! Project concert on New Year's of 2013, and my solo concert on February 23rd at Nakano Sun Plaza."

Mano also left a comment on Hello! Project's official website stating, "From now on, I want to pursue my opportunities, and do my best in order to broaden my singing and acting abilities."

Meanwhile, Hello! Project producer Tsunku commented, "It's been 3 years and 4 months since she made her major debut in March of 2009. At this time, it's been decided that she will be graduating from Hello! Project after Hello!'s New Year's live and her solo live."

He continued, "After graduating, I would like her to challenge herself to acting, singing, and other new things. There are about 7 months until her graduation, but I want her to mature and graduate as the 'cool Mano Erina'.  After that, I feel she would appear in front of everyone as the 'new Mano Erina'."

Source & Image: Oricon
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