AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi files lawsuit against 'Shukan Shincho'

September 20, 2012 @ 7:05 pm
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AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi (54) has decided to file a defamation lawsuit through Tokyo district court against “Shukan Shincho” for an article they wrote earlier this month. Akimoto is suing for 110 million yen (~1,405,932 USD) in damages along with a published apology.

The article was titled, “The bank transfer scam money that built AKB48!” and went on to claim that AKB48 was built on dirty money from bank transfer scams and underground casinos. Akimoto states that the article was false and that it has now damaged his social standing and his name.

Sankei Sports tried to contact ‘Shukan Shincho’ about the incident but received a reply that, “The person in charge is not here.”


Source: Sanspo

Image: Akimoto Yasushi Google+


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