Arashi's Ninomiya Kazunari arrives in style for Nissan press conference

September 7, 2012 @ 7:48 am
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On September 5th, Nissan held an event in Tokyo for their new Nissan Note model.

Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari is the CM star for the car, and he drove a sonic-blue Nissan Note to the event location as music from the CM played in the background. Voices were raised in surprise as the press realized that the person behind the wheel was Ninomiya. He handled the car with ease as he navigated the short 30-meter distance in the narrow space of the location.

After exiting the vehicle, Ninomiya proceeded to explain his extraordinary entrance with a smile, “The theme of the new Nissan Note is ‘Donna Mirai mo Noserareru’ (= No matter what future you have, you will be able to take a ride in it). I’m excited about my future, and so decided that I want to arrive here in the car.

The new model of the Nissan Note has been on sale for three days, and in the first two days, about 12,000 units have been ordered. Ninomiya expressed his praise for the car, saying, “It’s spacious, environmentally friendly and easy to drive.

In the CM, Ninomiya is seen driving the Nissan Note with his new wife in the passenger seat. In the next scene, he has his two daughters sitting in the back seat. To express the wide range of lifestyles that the car caters to, the Nissan Note has the theme of “Donna Mirai mo Noserareru”. Ninomiya who’s single in real life, muses about his future, “I will probably be taking a drive with my family. With a wife and kids… as expected, that’s the ideal future.”

In addition, a “Mirai Yoso Game” (= Imagine Your Future Game) will be released this upcoming weekend as a test-drive souvenir at all Nissan dealers in the country. Ninomiya is a known video game fan and the future scene “Travel the world with fellow Arashi members!”, which he thought up is also included in the game. He revealed, “I don’t know how much longer into the future we will be able to travel all around the world together, and I do not know if it’s possible in real life, but this scene expresses my desire for us to remain close to one another forever.

Check out the CM below!

Source: Sanspo (1+2)


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